Students learn coding skills


Jayden Huckabay, Reporter

Coding is the process of programming computers. With coding, you can create art, websites, music, and more.

On the mornings of January 28 and 29, a coding assembly  was held in the student cafeteria to teach underclassmen about coding. A few students from advanced computer classes came and presented about their talents with coding. The students went to websites that challenged them to sequence events to make something move.

¨It seems difficult, but after the process is done, it looks cool.¨ Alani Snook, sophomore, said. ¨The hard work was definitely worth it.¨

Many students did not know that they would be good at the content and all of the opportunities that could come out of it. People who create codes, or develop software that the computer machine, could perform are often offered high salaries and perks. The average salary range for programmers may vary depending on several factors, like level of education, amount of experience, industry, company size and location.

¨We feel like there is many students in this district who are unaware of these computer opportunities. So this morning we were able to enlighten them with coding websites and creative application presentations,¨ Mrs.Hageman, the computer teacher, said. ¨The advanced students worked very hard on their presentation so they would be able to show the students as much as they could.¨

The Dr. Julie Ford,superintendent, Rob Hays, associate principal, Dr. Linda Wiley, principal, and WIBW News were there to see the presentations. Numerous businesses supported the presentation by providing tee shirts, decorations, and an eight foot by three foot poster.

¨Topeka High and district personnel have been very supportive of our endeavor and we have been asked by other schools inside of the district and outside of the district to see if they could attend our event,” Hageman said.  “We believe others outside of Topeka High are excited that we are giving our students these activities.¨