StuGo plans for this semester


Photo courtesy of Matthew Gonzales

StuGo members break into groups to discuss plans for this year.

Each semester, the Student Government (StuGo) gets together at the library for an all day meeting. This Tuesday, representatives and officers from each class got together and discussed everything from spirit week themes to fundraising opportunities.

“We planned and organized a variety of different activities that will be taking place this semester at Topeka High including spirit week, charity events, recycling, and many other different activities,” Matthew Gonzales, senior, said.

According to Erica Self, junior, StuGo accomplishes the most at the retreats than anywhere else.

“We made lots of progress and are excited for this semester’s plans,” Self said.

StuGo gets to decide on the themes for the spirit week dress up days. Amber Ruiz, sophomore, says she enjoys doing so.

“I got to really express my ideas about spirit week and some other school activities,” Ruiz said.

Along with planning things for the student body, StuGo members build bonds to make a stronger team.

“My favorite part of the retreat was doing team building games, such as when each class had to become a machine,” Keira Beatty, junior, said. “The juniors tried to make a pyramid of a train and we collapsed, so that was pretty funny”

Not only is it the retreat a time for StuGo to get work done, but it is also a time for them to have fun and relax together.

“I had a lot of fun getting closer to my fellow stugo members,” Ruiz said.