Photo courtesy of Carley Sullivan

Carley Sullivan, second from the left, at the Lawrence Free State invitational, where she placed fifth.

Bowling season has rolled in. The team kicked off this season at the beginning of January with the first practice on the fourth and the first meet on the eighth.

“We’ve struggled a little bit but it looks promising, we’ll get better,” Will Campbell, junior, said.

Some bowl just for fun, while others plan to continue after high school, like Carley Sullivan, senior, who has been bowling for over

“I am very serious, I’ll probably bowl collegiate next year,” Sullivan said, “I’m looking at Mackinder University and Newman University.”

Both Sullivan and Campbell have family members who bowl. They say they were influenced by them to pick up the sport. Campbell says his mother bowled at Kansas State University.

“All of my family has bowled as long as I can remember,” Sullivan said, “My uncle is a professional bowler, my aunt is a team USA member, both my parents grew up bowling. So it’s just in the family.”

While some might think bowling is an entirely individual sport, Campbell says there are individual as well as team aspects to the game.

“We have something that’s called a baker game where the whole team contributes to bowl one game, everyone has a chance to bowl two frames, and that’s more of the team part of it,” Campbell said.

Being on a team also means making bonds with teammates. According to Campbell, being with his teammates is a good time.


“I like the teammates,” Campbell said, “I really enjoy bowling with them and getting the chance to hang out with them after school every day.”


According to Sullivan, the outlook for her own season and the team’s season is bright.
“I think that this year, my season looks pretty good,” Sullivan said. “I’ve had pretty good past three seasons and our boys team looks stronger than it has been in the past. We have a lot of new girls but there’s a lot of potential.”