Vegetarians at Topeka High

Vegetarians at Topeka High sometimes find it difficult to stick to a diet with no meat when it comes to the lunch room. Annie Simon, junior, thinks the meatless line could use some variety.

“They have a vegetarian line, but 90% of the days it’s pizza, and I just don’t really like that,” Simon said.

Tori Routsong, junior, feels the same way.

“There’s only about usually one option for vegetarians, so usually I just bring my lunch,” Routsong said.

While the salad line also accommodates vegetarians, Simon thinks it lacks variety and does not have enough options.

“Sometimes I [go through the salad line,]” Simon said “I just wish there were more vegetables on it and more dressings because I really don’t like ranch.”

Simon says she brings her lunch from home most days as well. To get her energy and protein, she munches on vegetables and nuts.

“I eat a lot of vegetables, which that always helps, and for my lunch I take hummus every day, which is like full of protein, and just nuts and vegetables mostly,” Simon said.

Because she usually brings her lunch, Routsong says she has basically the same thing every day.

“Honestly, I have peanut butter sandwiches every day, so that and then like a fruit and cheese,” Routsong said.

Simon, who has been a pescetarian her whole life, has been a vegetarian since she was ten years old. She says she started it as a New Year’s resolution to challenge herself. Routsong says she converted to veganism about five or six years ago.

“It’s a much healthier choice as well as being slightly more, I wanna say economically beneficial, but not to me, like to America in general,” Routsong said.