Humans minus the humanity

Jayden Huckabay , Guest Reporter

There is far too much ignorance in the world. There are humans everywhere you look. Humanity? Not so much.

As human life continues, it seems as if the mass amount of people dying everyday is becoming nothing but a miniscule thought, and is starting to matter less and less everyday.

There has been approximately 294 mass shootings in 2015 alone. That is not including the very popular Paris attack. The terrorist attack in Paris most likely would not affect people here in the U.S if the ISIS was not involved, and if they had not threatened us. The only reason most people seems to care is because they are afraid of what is coming our way. But what about what has already happened? Why is this the only reason we care?

It seems as if fatal shootings draw the most attention. If six people were shot and had survived, it has no where near the impact as six people dying from a shooting. It is qualitatively different. That is so wrong. It should not matter if the victims die or not, the fact that it happened should be enough to stop it. We can pass new laws about what kind of food we eat and pitbulls being too harmful to own, but what is stopping the growing death rate from mass shootings and attacks?

Students (mostly middle and high schoolers) take education for granted. Sure school is kind of boring sometimes and tiring, but imagine the world without it. Think of how the world is now and how much worse it would be if we did not have education. Education is something that we should value and take advantage of, not throw it away. The ignorance in the world is growing day by day and what are we doing? Throwing it away. It is disgusting on how some people act. School is not the place for groping and cursing people out. Students need to be more respectful to other students and even some teachers because this is not okay.

If somebody is mentally ill and cannot express their problems in a way that most people would, then there should be people who can help them without a cost. A lot of people need help but sadly cannot afford it or get the correct help they need. A lot of people who often attack others need help and that is their way of asking for it.

We should stop judging people on their instincts, but instead help them. Maybe if we were all just a little (or a lot) more nicer to eachother then we could turn the damaging world around and fix it, opposed to making it worse.