Trojan Time

While many students dread the long classes of block days, there is a class which brings relief to the stress of the week. On Wednesdays, the second class of the day is always Trojan Time. Trojan time functions like a study hall, where students have 90 minutes to do what they want, whether it be finishing homework or seeing a teacher for help.

With the busy schedules of teens nowadays, many high schoolers barely have time for themselves, let alone getting all their homework done. Trojan Time comes just in time in the middle of the week for those who are struggling with balancing extracurricular activities with school, not to mention a social life.

However, this precious time is sometimes wasted with seemingly pointless activities and assemblies students are forced to partake in. Instead of that, students should be allowed the entire Trojan Time period to take care of their school work.
While there are students who use their time in Trojan Time wisely, there are also students who waste it. Some students play on their phones, talk to their friends, or do not even bother showing up to Trojan Time. This is behavior is not displayed during Trojan Time only, however. Some students will even go on their skip, go on their phones, and talk during their regular classes.

That being said, the students who utilize Trojan Time to their advantage are the students who are in more difficult, high level classes and are more serious about their education. For them, it is a necessary 90 minutes.