Tis The Season

The new design for Starbucks holiday cups

Courtesy of Starbucks

The new design for Starbucks holiday cups

Tom Teeter, News Editor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. November: The leadup to Christmas. even though thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. It would seem that the partitioners of America’s right wing are shopping for their Christmas prejudice early this year and when that happens you know it won’t be long before the “War on Christmas” is accused. And so the first target of the holiday season is Starbucks, for the unconscionable crime of removing “Christmas” from their new holiday cups.

The previously used design for Starbucks’ holiday cups

Now what the protesters mean by “removing Christmas” is that Starbucks made the decision to change designs from snowflakes and christmas ornaments displayed on their cups to simple red. Ah yes, snowflakes and ornaments. Very much the traditional symbols of the birth of the Christian messiah. Yes. It truly is the Christmas season. That time of year with such poignant messages of giving and goodwill


It seems sad that for a time such as Christmas: a religious time for some, a happy holiday for others, is taken over by such paranoia over Christianity in the United States that some activists seem ready to attack anyone for any supposed insult even if it’s just for political correctness or because the person isn’t Christian. It seems a realization needs to be made that other people exist in America besides Christians, and political correctness like trying to appeal to ther religions isn’t a bad thing. You can speak as well about subjects without offending anyone as you can any other way.
There is no War on Christmas. Christianity still thrives in the US, but at the same time great social strides are being made and political correctness is it’s offspring. Starbucks doesn’t “hate Jesus” as one protester is quoted as saying, they simply opted for a different design, and it will be far more damaging to the perception of Christianity in the US if people like the Starbuck protester do not shed their aura of constant martyrdom to prosecution.