First Time Voters

For most seniors and a few juniors, the 2016 presidential election will be the first time they are eligible to vote. This can be an exciting time for newly 18 year olds.


“I’m very excited to vote because I’ll get to participate in the political process I’ve spent a lot of time learning about,” Molly Hatesohl, senior said.


Not only do voters need to figure out who they are going to vote for, but when they can vote, where they need to go to do so, and get registered. This can be daunting, but Hatesohl thinks her peers should still take advantage of their opportunity to vote.


“Everybody my age should vote because we’re an energized, enthusiastic demographic that’s capable of making an impact,” Hatesohl said. “Plus, if everybody my age were to vote, it would increase the likelihood of achieving a more educated, politically mindful population.”


Despite everything which must be done to vote, it excites some young people. Now, their political opinion matters and can make a difference.
“Being able to vote for the first time is exciting and rewarding,” Hatesohl said. “It’s like the government I’ve been governed by my whole life is finally validating my opinions.”