Trojan Profile: Maria Moragas


Justase Young, Reporter

In Spain Maria Moragas attends a much smaller school than Topeka high. Like many European schools, Moragas’ school has students stay with one class until they graduate.

“In my school everyone knew everyone,” Moragas said. “I’d been with the same people for 14 years.”

Moragas’ first impression of America like many exchange students in the past involved some of the stereotypes she’d heard about the U.S. in the past.

“[My first impression of America was that] people are not as fat as they say,” Moragas said. “You know you come here and you think about the American movies and there’s the cool football guy, the cheerleader, the fat creepy guy and it’s not right, you’re all just normal people.”

Although Moragas’ family supported her decision to come to the U.S. some family members weren’t as thrilled as others.

“My mom doesn’t like it that much, my sister is going to college this year so she’s going to be alone,” Moragas said. “My father likes it, he was the one who told me about it.”

Back home Moragas plays a variety of sports and is very active.

“I play volleyball, fencing, and go horseback riding,” Moragas said.

Moragas won’t be playing volleyball here but intends to try out for softball in the spring.

“I missed volleyball tryouts, I was a day late but I want to try softball,” Moragas said.

So far American food has made an impression on Moragas some positively, others, not so much.

“School food isn’t good but the rest is good,” Moragas said “[my favorite American foods are] hot dogs, hamburgers, and mac and cheese.”