Trump: Could Be Worse

Justase Young, Reporter

Donald Trump, 2016 presidential candidate, has caused major controversy in both social and political aspects since his Presidential announcement speech.


People throughout the U.S. have been quick to judge Trump, and write him off as ill-equipped due to his bold platform,and controversial statements made in regards to illegal immigration. However, there is much more to Trump than people give  him credit for. Billionaire businessman, real-estate mogul, and reality television personality, it is safe to say there has never been a presidential candidate quite like Donald Trump.


Trump began his exceptionally successful career working for his father in the construction industry in a shared office in Brooklyn, New York under his father the late Fred C. Trump. Fred often stated that “some of my best deals were made with my son, Donald…everything he touches seems to turn to gold,” Trump has been quoted saying “my father was my mentor and I learned a tremendous  amount about every aspect of the construction industry from him.”


Many anti-Trump voters fall back on calling him racist, to get around the fact that Donald Trump, no matter how unconventional his methods, is raising important issues and speaking uncomfortable truths. A troubling amount of Americans are more worried about political correctness than actually fixing the problems going on in our country. Arguments that Trump’s sensational ideas won’t fix America’s problems are completely irrelevant in my opinion because neither will doing nothing and allowing the problems to get worse.


Trump’s statements on illegal immigrants during debates have arguably been the most controversial of his platform.Trump has been called a racist far too often, among a numerous number of other colorful insults dished out by those who are either jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon or are extremely biased. Although I don’t personally agree with every aspect of Trump’s immigration plan, I do admire that he is at least willing to do something about the huge issue plaguing this country.Trump was quoted saying at the Presidential debates, “We wouldn’t even be talking about illegal immigration if it weren’t for me,” and I’d have to agree. Some voters have even gone so far as to call Trump’s plans “despicable” yet very few seemed to troubled about Republican candidate Ben Carson’s plan for illegal immigrants. Carson’s plan is to dump illegal immigrants on farms to work, he has also been under fire lately for discriminatory statements against Muslims. Just recently Carson was quoted saying that he would not “advocate to put a Muslim in charge of the nation,”

Carson then justified his statement against Muslims by saying that Islam as a religion was not compatible with the constitution.


What anti-Trump voters like to leave out about Trump is that he actually has a plan to create more jobs in America and help those in need who seem to have been forgotten. Trump plans to go on what he calls a “building spree” and start building much needed infrastructure such as better bridges, highways and railroads. He is a supporter of U.S. Veterans and intends to have modern V.A. Hospitals built as well. Trump believes in raising taxes for the rich, which includes himself, and lowering taxes for middle and lower class Americans.  


I recognize that Trump has made questionable statements in the past but name one politician that hasn’t. Trump has raised key issues in this presidential debate and should be taken seriously as a candidate.