Trojan Profile: Roberto Riganti


Justase Young, Reporter

Roberto Riganti’s high school in Italy differs from schools in the U.S. in many ways. Students have one class and the teachers move from room to room, there are six hours of school a day, and no school clubs or sports.

“It’s like the high school of the movies,” Riganti said. “The lockers, teachers, football guys,”

Riganti pointed out a few noticeable differences between school in the U.S. and school in Italy such as longer school days, a longer week of school, and more homework. Riganti also took notice of the lack of separation between school and sports.

“We go to school on Saturday, we have about three hours of homework a night,” Riganti said. “We don’t stay at school for sports because we have clubs it’s very separated,”

This is Riganti’s first exchange year but not his first time in the U.S. Riganti gets the opportunity to travel often and has been to the U.S. on three separate occasions before his exchange year.

“[This is] my fourth time, I’ve been to New York my first time, then I went on a kind of journey with my parents,” Riganti said. “[we went to] Las Vegas we took an R.V. and drove to San Francisco and then in San Francisco we rented a car and drove to L.A.”

Out of all of the places he’s traveled around the world Riganti’s favorite destination is Scotland.

“I like Scotland,” Riganti said. “[I know] it’s weird because i’ve been to so many places but I really love it.”

Riganti’s first time in the U.S. he was impressed by the multitude of cultures and people that take residence all throughout the country.

“[my first impression was that there are]Many people from many different countries,” Riganti said. “They all live together and no one can see the difference and I like that,”