Trojan Profile: Paul Fuld


Justase Young, Reporter

Paul Fuld, from Berlin Germany, is the second male exchange student from Germany to arrive at Topeka High and the second exchange student named Paul.

“[I wanted to become an exchange student]for the experience, and I wanted to have an adventure like this,” Fuld said. “and to see all the world.”

This year is Fuld’s first time in the U.S. but is no stranger to traveling.

“[my favorite place i’ve traveled is] Cap Ferret, it’s on the coast from France,” Fuld said. “[it’s my favorite because] on one side there is the Atlantic and it has a big beach and you can do kite surfing and the ice cream there is so nice.”

When most exchange students are asked what their first impression of the U.S. was normally they’d say something like, “everything is bigger” or “everyone is so different than the people in [their home countries]”.However in Fuld’s case his first impression of the U.S. was one on the safety precautions we take here.

“[my first impression was] Safety first, on the airplane they asked me so many times for my passport,” Fuld said.

Fuld’s family and friends had varying reactions to his decision to become an exchange student.

“[my family] supports me, it’s difficult some of [my friends] were sad,” Fuld said. “very many [of my friends] asked me why I’m doing this.”

Back home in Germany Fuld is an avid longboarder, using his board as one of his main sources of transportation within his city. He also enjoys sports, soccer especially.

“I always drive in the city with my board [back in Germany],” Fuld said. “I love my board but I couldn’t take it with me to America so I had to buy a new one”