Trojan Profile: Maike Trumpa


Justase Young, Reporter


Maika Trumpa, one of the five German exchange students, chose to come to the U.S. for an exchange year for a different reason than other students.

“I wanted to come here because I think it’s better experience to see different cultures not as a tourist,” Trumpa said “you look at the country differently when you’re actually living there,”

At first glance, it was immediately obvious to Trumpa that Topeka High was very different from her school in Germany.

“In Germany, my school is flat mostly,Topeka High is very big, it’s cool” Trumpa said

Although Trumpa isn’t planning on playing any school sports while here, back home in Germany she regularly bikes and enjoys horseback riding.

“I bike a lot, like to school and home, and I like horseback riding,” Trumpa said.

Much like the U.S. there are many different types of food in Germany stemming from the mix of different cultures, but there’s one culture in particular that’s lacking.

“We don’t have Mexican food, I don’t like it too hot or spicy but I like Tacos,” Trumpa said “I think it’s one of my favorite[American foods] I like burgers [as well]”

Like fellow German exchange student Paul Harandt mentioned in his interview one of Trumpa’s favorite things about where she’s from is Beer.

“I would say beer because we don’t have so many things specially from my state, Hessen” Trumpa said.

Being in the U.S. has helped to improve Trumpa’s English already in the short time she’s been here.

“I have more vocabulary so I can speak more now.” Trumpa said.

When Trumpa discovered there would be so many other German students she had mixed emotions.

“It’s great because when you don’t know a word you can ask them,” Trumpa said “but on the other hand as we are so many it’s too easy to speak German with them,”