Trojan Profiles: Fernanda Vasquez


Justase Young, Reporter

Fernanda Vasquez, from Bolivia loves traveling and when her father and sister suggested she became an exchange student, she decided it was a good decision.

“My sister was an exchange student in Germany and my dad always wanted me to become an exchange student too,” Vasquez said.

At Vasquez’s school in Bolivia size isn’t the only difference between her school and Topeka High.

“In Bolivia school is only five hours and we don’t have lunch,” Vasquez said “[in Bolivia] they use uniforms, but here they don’t,” Vasquez.

Vasquez’s favorite classes so far are Jewelry and Nutrition and wellness.

“I like to make things[like bracelets] and I like to cook,” Vasquez said.

This year is Vasquez’s first time traveling to America and was surprised by the multitude of different cultures.

“[in America] there are many people, for example when I was in Miami there was many people from other countries, many cultures,”

The challenges of being in a new country for many students include, language barriers, missing family and friends, and home in general, however for Vasquez the hardest thing so far has been American Lunch.

“Lunch in Bolivia is so important I think it’s the biggest meal of the day but here it’s breakfast” Vasquez said “here people will just eat an apple and be happy”

That being said although she loves spicy Bolivian food Vasquez enjoys American food as well, especially her host mom’s cooking.

“I like my host mom’s cooking, she cooks very well,” Vasquez said. “[my favorite American food is] pancakes, we don’t have them in Bolivia,”