Trojan Art Club rises again

Sierra Dawson, Reporter

The art club has been inactive  about five years due to lack of student interest and is just starting back they are starting to do different things to put there footprint in the news .   


“ Having focused and motivated students who wanted to do art convinced me to sponsor the club,” Sean O’Callaghan, art teacher, said.   


The club will be painting a picture of the school’s crest Whitson Elementary . To help support the art department  funding, they are currently selling chocolate bars in room 312 for one dollar .

One event the Art club has done is the Aaron Douglas art fair which was held on September 26 at Aaron Douglas Park. A couple of the students art was showcased with being the first show to happen.   The art club currently has six members and many more are starting to join.          


“ I believe that there should be a club for students who can’t get in a art class,”   

Nakia Raye , Art club president , said.  


Although the art club is in its early stages there are very high goals set and the students involved the club are given a chance to show off their artistic talents in and outside of the Troy Halls .

Meetings happen every tuesday 3:10-4:00 in room 312