Trojan Profiles: Elena Almoguera-Rodriguez


Justase Young, Reporter


Elena Almoguera-Rodriquez, one of the two exchange students from Spain came here for the culture and to learn English. As well as  her fellow exchange students Almoguera-Rodriguez was taken aback by the size of the school.

“That it was really big, my school in Spain is smaller and we don’t have lockers” Almoguera-Rodriguez said.

Almoguera-Rodriguez already has a favorite class

“Aerobic conditioning [is my favorite class] because I love sports,” Almoguera-Rodriguez said.

Like many other foreigners Almoguera-Rodriguez had heard stereotypes about the U.S. before she came here.

Almoguera-Rodriguez’s family and friends were huge supporters of her coming to the U.S. and getting the opportunity to study here.

“My family in Spain is happy that i’m here, and [my friends] miss me alot but they think its a good opportunity for me,” Almoguera-Rodriguez said.

Almoguera-Rodriguez is an avid swimmer in Spain and loves sports. She plans to join the swim team this Spring.

“[I’ve been swimming] since I was seven years old,[this year] i’m going to swim [on the school team] Almoguera-Rodriguez said.

Almoguera-Rodriguez has two siblings, one brother and one sister who is currently an exchange student as well.

“[My sister] is in Germany now,” Almoguera-Rodriguez said.

Coming to a new country for a year and living with strangers can be quite nerve racking, for Almoguera-Rodriguez this was her greatest worry about coming here.

“[I was nervous]about my host family because I didn’t know if they were going to like me,” Almoguera-Rodriguez said.