Freshman StuGo Elections

Another class has arrived at Topeka High, which means it is time for StuGo elections. This year’s freshmen are campaigning in order to win the title they want.


“I think it is a good organization with good leaders,” said Katie Knouf, freshman Vice President.


Knouf did not have to campaign because no other students ran against her. However, Amari McGlory, who is running for freshman class President, has some competition. This means she must make a video to be shown during Trojan Time on election day.


“I want to be really involved in my school,” said McGlory, “and I feel like Freshman President would be a good job for me because I feel like I understand a lot of the students, I feel like I could help them out.”


McGlory is running against Tyler Cahoj, freshman. Cahoj might be recognized by the signs he’s made for the halls, which read things like “Cahoj 4 Pres” in glittery letters. McGlory still feels confident about her chances of winning.  


“I have really good leadership skills and I’m very good at compromising and working with others so I think it would be fun to say I was the freshman president when I’m older,” said McGlory.