Movies Coming Out In April

Movies Coming Out In April

April showers bring May flowers… but when it’s raining, who wants to be stuck inside doing nothing? Here’s a couple movies that are coming out in April that will help you pass time while the showers blow through.


The Woman in Gold

In theaters April 1, 2015, The Woman in Gold follows an elderly Jewish World War II survivor as she sues the Austrian government. She demands that they return artwork the Nazis stole from her family. Starring Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, and Katie Holmes.


The Longest Ride


Yet another movie adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Longest Ride is in theaters April 10, 2015. Luke and Sophia are in love, but the paths they are taking in life threaten to tear them apart. Their relationship is on the rocks until they meet Ira, an elderly man whose relationship has withstood the test of time.



During a video chat session, a group of six teens are haunted by a mysterious seventh member. The seventh member seems to know a lot about the suicide death of Laura Barns. The video chatters are threatened and tortured on the computer and in real life. Unfriended is in theaters April 17, 2015.


Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Paul Blart is back in his second movie, out April 17, 2015. He’d been a mall cop for 6 years, so he deserved a vacation. While on a trip to Las Vegas for a security guard expo with his teenage daughter, he finds a heist and must take care of it all by himself.