The Classic Man: Spring Fashion


Tom Teeter, Reporter

The weather is changing, and thus, so must the wardrobe. Yes it is spring again. The weather is warming, the snow is melting, and rain is starting to appear. So how does one dress for the new weather?


The truth is very dependent on the weather. Spring in Kansas can be somewhat wild, alternating between warm, cold, and rainy. So really, spring fashion is about adaptation. A spring wardrobe should be varied, for male warm weather, shorts paired with t-shirts, polos, or oxford shirts with rolled up sleeves. for colder days, jeans or khaki slacks with a light jacket, hoodie, or sportcoat over a short-sleeved shirt.


Rainy days can be common in spring weather so one must be ready to combat it. The classiest option for either gender is of course the umbrella and overcoat. Now the temptation might be to buy an umbrella in a bright, vibrant color, but the most versatile is of course a black gentleman’s umbrella. This can be carried casually or be used to protect a suit. Light weatherproof jackets can also be used to guard against the rain, but for formal occasions it is best to also invest in a top coat or overcoat to be worn over dress clothes.


But truly the best part about spring, is that when the sun is out and shining, one can let the colors fly. Spring is a time to set free the boisterous and even neon colors which have sat unused throughout fall and winter. Do not be afraid to be a bit jazzy in the warmer weather with color combination. Also, save dark colors for dark, overcast days, or night events, or use them sparingly, as a complementary piece in an outfit.