Putting the Brakes on Teen Driving

Since 1983, Americans have seen fewer teen drivers on the roads. From 14 year old eighth graders to 18 year old seniors, more and more young adults are holding off on applying for a license.

Research tells us there are a variety of reasons for why teens are hesitant about visiting the DMV, but a fear of driving is not as common as you’d think.

“I’m trying to get my car and my license at the same time,” said Gabriel Obenieta, sophomore, “I have to buy my own car.”

For many other teenagers, this is the same case. In fact, a study by The Atlantic found that 32% of young adults say purchasing and maintaining a vehicle is too expensive.

“I don’t go many other places except for school and soccer practice,” said Micaela Snook, sophomore, “It’s very easy and most of the time even more convenient to get rides to those places from my family.”

According to that same study, 31% of young adults agreed with Snook that they could find rides from other people.

Snook also said that when her family discusses when to teacher her how to drive they, “have so many other things going on that we wouldn’t have time for me to do that anyway.”

Obenieta also mentioned that he did consider waiting until he was 16 to get his license because of the many immediate privileges that he would obtain, instead of having to wait two years had he got his learner’s as a 14 year old.

Lastly, when asked if a fear of driving was a factor for their hesitation, both sources had this to say- “No.”