Why did the Chiefs trade Marcus Peters?


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Photo found from following source: https://chiefswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/23/chiefs-to-trade-cb-marcus-peters-to-rams/

Last week rumors of a Marcus Peters trade started to circulate around Chiefs Kingdom. I don’t think many fans thought of anything to come, and Peters would have a great upcoming year in KC. Many were wrong about this. The Chiefs not only traded a top five Cornerback in the league, but they got almost nothing in return. The Rams did not have a second round pick for this years draft, so I’m sure many people thought that maybe that the Rams first pick from this year would be coming back. Unfortunately, Chiefs kingdom got even more disappointment. All the Chiefs got was a fourth round pick from this year, and a second for next year.

This may end of being the biggest steal of the year throughout sports. The fact that the Rams gave up nearly nothing, for one of the best CBs in the league. Peters is a turnover machine; he has the most turnovers in the league since he was drafted. He is a former all pro and pro bowler. Now the huge question comes: Why?

There are probably many reasons why, but the main reason is probably the fact that Clark Hunt was tired of the behavior and headache of dealing with the controversy over Peters’ actions the last two years. Yes he has made some bad decisions, and maybe Peters didn’t want to be in KC, but the fact of the matter is, is that he is possibly the best player on the Chiefs. To me he is worth way more than what the Chiefs got in return. From the results of this trade it is fairly obvious that Hunt and Brett Veach wanted him gone. Nobody can be quite sure what Andy Reid thought of it, but I’m going to guess that he wanted Peters gone as much as Hunt and Veach.

Now, the Chiefs have gone from possibly building the best secondary in football, to middle of the pack again. This means that Kendall Fuller, who came over in the trade with Washington for Alex Smith, will have to move into the number one corner for the Chiefs. I won’t be surprised though if the Chiefs might sign Rams CB Trumaine Johnson, if the Rams let him walk now that Peters is in town.

Peters will always be remembered in KC, but his departure is not the way many fans thought it would be like. Now the Chiefs will not have Peters, Derrick Johnson, and Alex Smith next season, and there are still many big holes to fill on the team including another wide receiver to compliment Tyreek Hill, possibly another offensive linemen, possibly a replacement for Ron Parker at safety, and now they’re going to need another CB to finish the secondary. Right now, the Chiefs seem like the laughing stock of the NFL, and if they don’t get it together and sign some impact players for next year, another disappointing year is in store for Chiefs Kingdom.