2018 NFL Draft: Best player at major positions


Photo found from following link: https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2018/01/16/2018-nfl-draft-prospect-rankings/

nd froThe NFL Draft is coming extremely quick, with the combine only a few weeks away, these are my top prospect at major positions in the draft.

QB: Sam Darnold:

Darnold has the height and the frame for the position. He mostly lines up in the shotgun, and has a quick throw. He anticipates very well, and has extremely good awareness. He can get out of the pocket, and make big plays downfield. Really, unless he has a horrid combine, the Browns would be foolish not to draft him, but the Browns have done dumber things.

RB: Saquon Barkley: Penn State

Barkley may be one of the best backs the draft has seen in a few years. He has a big muscular lower body. His running style up front could be compared to Le’veon Bell, he has patience at the line, then explodes through a gap. He’s quick on the outside and can power through defenders. He’s as allusive as many RBs in the league today. He could be a good fit for any team looking to draft him.

WR: Calvin Ridley: Saban Institute of Football (Alabama)

Ridley is very explosive, he lined up for the Tide in and out of the slot. His acceleration is incredibly fast, and makes men miss with his explosive speed. He’s more about speed and elusiveness, than strength and power. He’ll be a very good receiver for a needy team like the Baltimore Ravens or Chicago Bears.


OT: Orlando Brown: Oklahoma

Brown may not have the best positioning, but his size makes up for it. He’s 6’8 345 pounds. He can move to quick outside rushers, and power rushers. He might get beat on the inside corners, but his long arms push the rusher away just in time for the QB to get the throw off. He’s even good as a second level blocker, due to the angles he takes to the block. With a little more work, he could be one of the best young lineman in the league.


OG: Quenton Nelson: Notre Dame

This man is a beast to Defensive Lineman. He’s quick out of his stance in the run game, and doesn’t let his defender go until the play is through, and according to NFL’s Daniel Jeremiah, Nelson “possesses an immediate anchor vs. power rushers and effortlessly handles twists and stunts.” He could be a top five lineman in the future.

DE: Bradley Chubb: NC State

Um, have you seen this man. He can use precision with his hands to get past the lineman, or he can just bull rush the quarterback. He can even play coverage if he needs to, as a defensive lineman! His motor is endless, he keeps going until the play is over. He’s great in the rush, and can power threw tackles and tight ends alike. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with, especially if he can be teammates with somebody like Myles Garret or J.J. Watt.

DT: Maurice Hurst: Michigan

Hurst is smaller for a interior tackle; which is a disadvantage. At the same time though, it helps him get through smaller gaps in the line. and once he gets into the backfield, he will destroy anybody. His quickness helps him get past lineman extremely fast, and his light feet contribute to that. He may need a little work, but he will be a good player.


ILB: Roquan Smith: Georgia

He used to be a high school wide receiver, but his great athleticism helps him. He is quick for a linebacker and he can race down a back looking to run for the outside. He finishes tackles like a pro and doesn’t let go once he locks on. He judges screens very well and can track the back down. He’s also a great leader and could be a top LB later in his career.

OLB: Tremaine Edmunds: Virginia Tech

This man is scary, this man is fast, this man should not be a linebacker, and yet he is. His speed and his ability to finish a tackle is unbelievable. His edge rush ability is great, and he can cover some tight ends and running backs with ease. He is rated the best linebacker in the draft for most draft previews, and there is a good reason why.

CB: Josh Jackson: Iowa

Many have Denzel Ward over Jackson in mock drafts, and I do believe he will go before. In my eyes though, Jackson may have a better skill set. He is an unbelievable athlete. He has great instincts and always plays the ball and not man His long arms help be a huge ballhawk. He would be a huge addition to any team looking for a future number one CB.

SS: Derwin James: Florida Sate

James is versatile, he can line up anywhere on the field. During his time at FSU, he lined up in both safety positions, nickel cornerback, and even rushed from the outside linebacker spots on occasion. He’s a great cover on tight ends and half backs, and has remarkable blitzing abilities.

FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick: Saban Institute of Football

The isn’t just a safety, he’ll line up as a cornerback sometimes as well. He’s got great anticipation, and keeps his eyes on the QB. He has the size and quickness to lineup against any kind of receiver, whether he be fast and elusive, or a strength and physical. He’s a great tackler in the run, and blitz well. No matter who takes him in the draft, he’ll be effective immediately.

Sometime after the Scouting combine, I’ll be coming out with a mock draft.