Fall Sports Preview: Cross Country

Jayden Huckabay , Business Manager

Savanna Jackson, Senior, has been running cross country for four years Throughout the years of her running,

Jackson has made varsity every year, and has been a star runner since her Freshman year. This sport can be challenging to some, for many reasons. Cross country not only challenges the runner physically, but mentally as well.

“I’ve definitely become a lot stronger mentally than when I first started,” Jackson said.

During her junior year, Jackson went through some struggles regarding injuries in her legs.

“I had scar tissue built up in my quads and my calves from overworking my body. I wasn’t running as good as I was used to, which made it hard to keep confidence in my running abilities, but i was able to learn and push through every race despite being in pain,” Jackson said. “I’ve learned to run with my heart and not just my legs.”

Jackson is finishing out her senior year with strong goals for herself, and the rest of the team.

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the young, new people on the team doing good and improving themselves, and for me personally, i’m looking forward to the rest of the season and pushing through.”

Monica Schrag, Cross country coach, has been leading the team for 10 years.

“My favorite part of coaching is seeing someone improve their time as the season goes along,” Schrag said. I like it when I see runners who have graduated but still continue to run and I see them out jogging long after their high school careers are over.”