Trojan Profile: Caemen Blake

Caemen Blake, freshman, is a step ahead in the Trojan wrestling program.

“It’s great honor to wrestle for a high school that you know is really good at something, and it’s awesome to be able to wear their name on your gear when you wrestle.”  Caemen Blake, freshman, stated.

“It teaches you a lot of life skills like how to be persistent and work for what you want,” Blake said.

Blake started wrestling when he was eight years old, getting the hang of it and improving from the get go. In seven years of wrestling, Blake has earned approximately 70 medals and 5 trophies.

For the last five years Blake has wrestled for his club team, Ogden’s Outlaws.

“Ogden’s Outlaws is a kids wrestling club, that doesn’t necessarily teach them a whole  lot of moves, but teaches them how to grind and get stuff done, so they can be prepared for high school and middle school wrestling,” Blake said.

Blake was influenced to wrestle by his father, who wrestled in highschool.

“He thought it [wrestling] built a lot of character and it helped with a lot of life skills, so he said I should try it,” Blake said.  

One of Blake’s goals this year is to make it state. He will most likely wrestle in a 138 weight class this year, but as he gets older, he wants to move up weight classes and hit 160 by senior year.

“You have to keep in mind to keep some of your emotion behind closed curtains,” Blake said. “You don’t want to lose your pride and cry on the mat or get really frustrated, you just want to hide those emotions and take it somewhere else.”