Students react to the Presidential Election

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Students react to the Presidential Election

Erin Mumford, Writer

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After the country learned who won this year’s Presidential Election, there were, needless to say, many emotions surrounding the result. Here’s what some students said when asked to describe their feelings about Donald Trump being the 45th President of the United States:

“Bad.” – Carson Denney, senior

“Baffled.” – Emily Goodrow, senior

“Devastated.” – Bannon Beall, junior

“I don’t even have any words.” – Erica Self, senior

“Scared.” – Mazzy Martinez, sophomore

“Worried.” – Robert Lewis, freshman

“Unbelievable.” – Mikoda Lancaster

“Scared.” – Travis Howard, freshman

“Surprising.” – LJ Jones, senior

“Flabbergasted.” – Esai Gallegos, senior

“Scared.” – Avery Byrd, junior

“More than distraught.” – Peter Sandquist, junior


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