Student shares her love for food


Nell Brennan, junior, enjoys an ice cream cone. Photo courtesy of Nell Brennan

Nell Brennan, junior, has a creative way to share food pictures. She created an Instagram account where she posts photos of the food she eats as well as ones her followers send in.


“I’ve always liked cooking and baking, and I would sometimes take pictures of my food and post them, and I always like following the food Instagrams that already existed, and one day I was like, ‘I could do that,’” Brennan said.


Brennan started her account at the beginning of summer 2016, and it already has 68 posts and 221 followers. She posts everything from donuts to burgers to salads.


“I take pictures of food I’ve made or gone to a restaurant and eaten, or I allow people to submit pictures to me on Instagram, or people text me pictures to post,” Brennan said.


Brennan said she was inspired by other food Instagram accounts to create her own. She loves being able to connect with people over her love for food.


“I think it’s like a lot of the food Instagrams that already exist. I think it’s just like a bunch of people who really like food who just want to share it,” Brennan said. “It’s like a bonding experience for people who like food.”


To see Brennan’s posts, follow @nell_eats on Instagram.