Abby Wagemaker

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Abby Wagemaker

Taya Davis, Yearbook Staff

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Abby Wagemaker, sophomore has been on the cross country team two years and has been recognized as one of their top runners this year. She has placed top 10 in all her meets.


Abby Wagemaker, sophomore

Q: How far do you run at a cross country meet? 

A: 3.1 miles

Q: How many meets have you run this year? 

A: 7 meets

Q: When you race do you have a routine? 

A: Yes, I stay focus on the race and make sure I have deep breaths.

Q: How may races have you placed in? What was your best time?

A: I have placed in all of them. But my best race was against Manhattan and I ran that in 20 minutes and one second.

Q: What do you before a ready for a race?

A: Listen to music

Q: How many miles do you think you run a week?

A: I run up to 60 to 80 miles a week. I run every morning and after school trying to push myself to run 10 miles a day.

Q: How would you motivate someone to start to run cross country? 

A: I would tell them that you are going to be running for a greater purpose and you are also staying fit.

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