Trojan Profile: Miekyah Thomas


Adam Cole

“So far, I’ve enjoyed the team dinners,” Miekyah Thomas, freshman, said. “I love those.” Thomas is a starting running back for the varsity football team in only his freshman year.

Through two weeks, Miekyah Thomas’s 277 yards of total offense has accounted for nearly half (42%) of Topeka High football’s total yardage. Thomas’ play on the field is eye-popping, but his greatest statistic: he’s 14 years old.

Thomas, a starting running back, defensive back, and wide receiver, has always loved the sport of football.

“It’s [football] just been life for me,” Thomas said. “He [my dad] went to Washburn [to play football] and he got me into it. Me and all my brothers are into it now. It’s what I’ve been using to help me out in life and to teach me things that’ll benefit me in the future.”

Although Thomas starts both ways, both of his starting spots were no easy task to come by.

“I’ve had to put in a lot of work,” Thomas said. “Just knowing the offense had a big thing to do with it [me starting] because a lot of people are athletic, but knowing the plays and working them, it’s the main thing.”

Coming into his first year of high school football on the varsity roster, Thomas has seen a shift in his preparation for this season, dating all the way back to the beginning of this summer.

“I only had about an hour of practice in middle school, I really wasn’t doing nothing either,” said Thomas, “I didn’t have to wake up at 6 o’clock for weights and then practice after that and not get home until 12, 12:30.”

Thomas understands just how important his physical preparation is, but he also enjoys the technical aspect of the sport.

“I love watching film,” Thomas said. “Seeing the mistakes, even though I don’t like hearing about them, to see what I did, seeing what I could’ve done, it helps me a lot.”

Thomas’ love for the game speaks for itself in his physical and technical preparation, and his teammates take notice.

“He’s unbelievable,” Corey Thomas, senior quarterback, said. “He’s probably going to be the best player to come through here, I have no problem saying that. He’s a great talent.”

Thomas and the Trojans are coming off a loss to Junction City this week, playing their first home game. They will play Emporia High School at Hummer Sports Park at 7:00 p.m.