Trojan football shines bright in Black & Gold Scrimmage

Topeka High School football showcased their team tonight with their annual Black & Gold Scrimmage at Hummer Sports Park.

This year’s unit doesn’t lack any amount of playmakers like years’ past, but the team out on the field this year is focused on one thing going into their regular season: unity.

“We’re really trying to build that unity that we strived for,” Billy Wagemaker, senior lineman, said. “ [Our unity] kind of lacked in the past, but we’re trying to get better every week and hope for the best.”

Second-year quarterback Corey Thomas spoke on unity as well.

“I think our team unity [has gotten better],” Thomas, senior, said. “We had really big names last year, some guys that went D-1, but we’re really going to spread the ball out this year and have a lot of guys scoring a lot of the time.”

Even Caine Florence, who’s in his second year of Trojan football, has seen this team grow as a unit in a short amount of time.

“We work a lot harder,” Florence, senior, said. “We care more [than last year] and our team unity is better this year.”

As the season progress, expect unity to be a theme for this year’s football team. Their next game is Friday, September 2 at Hayden High School at 7:00 p.m.