My Lament/My Apologia

Kim Moreno, Teacher

Truth cannot be a lie … we know this. It cannot be what is not, or its very nature will be lost. The nature of a beautiful rose cannot be an ugly thistle — if we descend to calling this rose a thistle, then we have lost understanding of truth. Truth’s very nature, then, will lose its purpose —


… as it was in the beginning, is now, ever shall be …


Biology tells us that a baby born a female does not morph into a boy at her fifth birthday or eleventh, or fiftieth — the truth of biology and science will not allow this, much in the same manner which sperm unites with the egg, exploding into new life, has untruthfully morphed into the “right” to commit genocide within what should be the safest place on the planet — a mother’s womb — for blessed is the fruit of thy womb. This odd paradox of a people who worship at the feet of science, yet deny the truth of its laws … because it is our Right! And never, ever Forget this!


And we have exchanged the blessing for the curse, to be sucked out and replaced with the fleshy fruit of the Apple — iPod, iPad, iMac, iPhone, iWatch — and we have exchanged the truth for the lie, and we march inexorably to our fate. This tower we are building to the heavens reveals the collective cry, “Non serviam!” and the repeating refrain, “To mine own self will my knee bend” … as we stamp our feet in defiance of nature and its laws and its truth — all to satisfy appetite and desire and disordered thinking. Yes, the navel gazing continues, but in this glorious, modern and free world, the gazing/fixation has moved even more southerly in the anatomy.


The destinies for some will be the gulags, the ghetto camps, the ovens — whatever names they shall carry — and the desire to remember the truth — of a cross one shall hope to offer with sorrow .. the whispered prayer for courage and love of Truth … For Him who is most beautiful — the forgotten One.


Some still remember …


Most Respectfully,

Kim Moreno/LA Teacher/Topeka High School