Trojan Profile: Fredrico Esquef

Although his memory of his first day is a little foggy, Frederico Esquef, junior, remembers his excitement through all the confusion.


“[I] went to my first class, it was ATE because I got here second hour on that day,” Esquef said. “I just remember being kind of confused because I came here a month late.  The first day was kind of confusing, but it was cool and exciting.”


No clubs, no electives, just academics, this was the Brazilian life of Esquef until he came stateside.  Now, whether acting or hanging out with the members of the arts, Esquef enjoys theater.


“I have been involved in Theater a lot.  I am in Advanced Theater Ensemble (ATE) so we always have productions, I have auditioned a couple times too,” Esquef said.  “I really like acting, it is pretty fun and I like being with the people that are involved with it.”


Esquef’s host family has welcomed him and helped motivate him to live in another country and get an idea of what he could expect.


“My host family was all exchange students so I had an idea of what was going to go on and happen.  They had always been telling me how great it was and I have always wanted to live in another country to get to know other parts of the world.” Esquef said.  “They are really treating me like family which makes it really easy.”


Before Esquef leaves there is only one place out of all the states and landmarks he wants to go.


“I really want to go TGI Friday’s,” Esquef said. “I have to go there!”


Last of all Esquef wants everyone to know about Brazil’s monkeys.


“People ask me if I have monkeys and I am tired of telling them I don’t.  They aren’t pets they are just passing by like squirrels,” Esquef said.  “We have little monkeys that live close to the forest and sometimes they get lost and they steal your food.”