Trojan Profile: Alejandro Aradilla

Everything in America is “easy” according to Alejandro Aradilla, junior.  Enjoying the academics and athletics Aradilla has liked spending time with his host brother and friends at parties.


“[I like] anything related with sports. I was in varsity soccer last year and I am in Varsity tennis this year,” Aradilla said. “In Spain soccer is more competitive, but in tennis it is about the same.”


While America’s academics have been found to be less than what he imagined, he expected Topeka to have much more to do. Although, it doesn’t absolutely differ from his small town in Spain.


“I thought Topeka would have more things [to do],” Aradilla said. “I live in a small town so it is different because its the Capitol of Kansas, but there are many similar things.”


Aradilla thought American history to be more conceited but found that “We The People” aren’t so self centered. He also enjoys the class and having discussions with the teacher as he finds them much friendlier than the his teachers back in Spain.


“I expected the history to be more egocentric, but it wasn’t like that,” Aradilla said.


The food, simply put, was disappointing. He loves the food back in Spain and when he came here he wanted a little more variety and flavor, and a little less Mexican food.


“I don’t like the food here,” Aradilla said. “The food in Spain is better, it’s way better. We don’t have Mexican food.”


While he thinks the school food isn’t so pretty, he finds the school to be much more beautiful than his back in Spain.


“My school back in Spain is ugly,” Aradilla said. “This school is beautiful, and the exterior is really nice.”


Traveling here takes a lot more time, but Aradilla doesn’t mind and is excited to travel more.


“I went to Pittsburgh and Indiana and I will go to Washington D.C. in May,” Aradilla said. “In Spain the places are closer together.  So when I went to Pittsburgh it was 13 hours in the car but in Spain it is like 3 hours.”


Living with complete strangers for a whole year can seem weird, but given time, his host family went from complete strangers to some of his best friends.


“When I first came here it was really weird because I didn’t know them a lot but within two months [my host brother and I] became really close to each other and I can tell him everything,” Aradilla said.


The people make the whole experience worth it for Aradilla.  He is glad to of had the memories and help from all the people he has met and plans on returning.


“All the people, I had a lot of fun with them.  They all helped me when I had troubles.  I am not going to forget them,” Aradilla said.  “I would like to come back here in the future.  I want to have a big party with all the people.