Trojan Profile: Hugo Capron

Hugo Capron, junior, is an opportunist with a passion for traveling, which is what brought him here to America after traveling to many other places.


“I like to travel, I’ve be in England twice, China, and South Africa and you know coming to America is kind of a dream for us Europeans so when I had the opportunity I took it,” Capron said.


In France the high school you go to is determined by the career path you choose, they designate what classes you take, and it’s only 3 years. Capron likes the ability to choose his classes here and just hang out.


“Entrepreneurship was my favorite class first semester but right now I don’t really have any.  I more enjoy being with my friends and playing baseball after school,” Capron said.


Through AFS club Capron was able to make new friendships and hang out with them.


“The AFS club organized a lot of cool stuff for us and my first friends here were in this club,” Capron said.  “[I] hang out mostly, watch movies, and go out for lunch.”


Capron has learned many things from his host family, one of them being that everyone is different and you just have to deal with it.


“You gotta adapt and accept that sometimes your life is gonna change and you can’t do anything about it. I personally had problems with a member of my family and I think it’s sad because of course it affected my relationship with the others. Fortunately, things got fixed and the rest of the year was really good,” Capron said.  “I’d say that it is experience and you get to learn a lot about the others and about yourself.”


Last of all Capron wants to say a few final words to all the people he met.


“I just [want] to say goodbye to everybody,” Capron said.  “I’m gonna miss a lot of people and I wish I could stay longer.”