Trojan Profile: Ice Chunnai

English is considered a universal language, this is why Ice Chunnui, junior, came to America, and she hasn’t been disappointed with that she has learned.


“[English]  is good to learn because it is all around the world,” Chunnui said. “It is quite difficult, because I don’t use it everyday, I just use it in the classroom.”


She enjoys going to school here because of its many unique attributes such as the architecture, classes, and the art.


“We only have to walk [to classes] in the last three years of the high school.  The teachers [here] teach quite well,” Chunnui said. “I like your school system and the building.”


Having a wider variety of classes and learning about American history has been a pleasure for her.  She also enjoys the ability to do art and have open career options.


“It helps to understand how your nation became like this, and I enjoy it because it expands my knowledge,” Chunnui said. “I love art here. When my friends and I do art it is ashamed.  [They tell] you have to grow up and be a doctor and engineer.”


She has learned a lot about writing and has improved her English.  Chunnui plans on returning to America to continue her college education.


“I know more about the country and I write English essays every two weeks and I can improve in that,” Chunnui said.  “[I want] to be a student in college here.”


Chunnui enjoys most of our foods, but doesn’t understand how we eat such small breakfasts.


“I don’t quite like Mexican food.  I don’t understand how you eat breakfast it is just a little bit of cake and that is it.  It is like lunch we have the same amount of food three times a day.” Chunnui said.


She doesn’t like our constantly changing Kansas weather.


“Everything is different.  The first thing is weather, the weather changes so fast. We only have hot, hot, hot,” Chunnui said.


When Chunnui got of the plan she was greeted by her host grandma.  They then went to a park and got to know one another. Although at first she didn’t have a host family, Chunnui finds the experience of living with others a little strange, but for the most part enjoys getting to know them.
“My [first] host family cancelled me the day I flew, I didn’t expect that,” Chunnui said.  “Because it isn’t my house or my families house I do everything quietly, but I get along well with my host mom.”