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Broken fire alarms cause problems during fire drill

Haley Myers, Editor-in-Chief of The World

December 4, 2015

Fifth hour Thursday December 3, the school had its scheduled monthly fire drill  by required Kansas State Fire Marshal (KSFM). But in some classrooms and in the hallway, the warning system was not operating properly. “...


Sierra Dawson, Reporter

December 4, 2015

Attendance: Skipping school is a problem

Erin Mumford, Photo Editor

December 4, 2015

This generation has a problem: skipping school. According to the Attendance Works website, 5 to 7.5 million students miss almost a month of school each year. This can be seen in the halls of Troy as well, when students decide t...

Stereotyping has no benefits

Terry Smith, guest reporter

December 2, 2015

A Syrian refugee is responsible for the terrorist attack in France, leaving every other country in fear– including our own. When the people of Syria want to find a better home than what they have, the U.S. denies them beca...

Compressed Natural Gas Cars- The cars of the future

Xavier Vega, guest reporter

December 1, 2015

Natural gas cars are better for the economy compared to gasoline or other fuels used to power vehicles. Many people prefer to use gasoline, but they do not think about the downsides of using it. Even though gasoline is widely considered th...

Is cheating getting worse in schools?

Ralph May, guest reporter

November 30, 2015

A recent study shows that more students are cheating. They cheat not to survive but to thrive. People cheat all the time, but in schools people cheat so they can get good grades and not disappoint people. Over the years ...

Terrorism- We should try to solve the problem

Joycelynn Zinn-Jeffries, guest reporter

November 29, 2015

Terrorism has threatened many countries just these past few weeks. It’s a scary thing to see even on T.V. or in newspapers. We really need to figure out what to do about these terrorist attacks and how we can stop them....

Daily Announcements

Ashley Yoder, Editor-in-Chief

November 19, 2015

Students, as a reminder any head coverings such as hats, bandannas, hoods, do rags, cannot be worn inside the building. Auditions for the Seussical will be December 1 through the 3 at 3:15 in the auditorium. More information...

Tro-Pro: Tori Vaughn

Tro-Pro: Tori Vaughn

Justase Young, Reporter

November 17, 2015

Under the Tower

November 17, 2015

August: Osage County

November 3, 2015

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