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The 2017-2018 school year was a tough one for the Topeka High School ROTC unit, with Chief Warrant Officer Curtis Kelly retiring after the 16-17 school year. Then, after winter break this year, the program underwent more turbulence after the main teacher, Alberto Moreno, quit his job.

A mixture of stress, early hours, caused Moreno to leave the halls of Troy.

“Having health issues, this isn’t the place to be” said Duane Pomeroy, the long term sub for Moreno.

Janessa Moreno, a senior at Topeka High, and Moreno’s daughter, had some things to say about her father quitting.

“Gunner was the kind of guy that would give a student lunch money if they needed it, and people expected my dad (Moreno) to do that as well, and he just couldn’t do that,”.

Administration has brought in another staff member to replace Gunner Kelly, Master Gunnery Sergeant Brad Staulbaumer.

Staulbaumer was an auto shop teacher at Topeka High, after coming from Landon Middle School, and served his country as a Marine for 30 years, which is the maximum amount of years the marines will allow you to serve.

“I was very excited and anxious, because of the programs rich history, and I just want to uphold those standards,” said Staulbaumer.

Staulbaumer hasn’t been bored yet, his agenda is chalked full of things to do.

“I would like to continue with the traditions that the unit had, grow the units numbers, and continue to win drill competitions,” Said Staulbaumer.

Even with Staulbaumer filling in for Gunner Kelly, and Pomeroy filling Moreno’s spot, the Marines have been trying to find a person qualified to be put in the position of Gunner Kelly, and when that happens, Staulbaumer will fill in for Moreno.


All in all, it’s been hard for the cadets of the Topeka High ROTC, but it’s also been a classic case of adapt and


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Gunny gone