Debate Season Update

 The debate squad has a lot to show for itself this season.

“If you see the following students, give them a high five,” debate coach, Dustin Rimmey said. He is referring to his students who have contributed to a solid series of outings the last three weekends. Students include:


Malcolm Lathrop-Allen (has won two of the last three tournaments he has attended)

Lucas Sands

Lorenz Manabat

Annmarie Parker

Annamaria Paul


Ben Theoni and Andrew Rea were runners-up in Varsity Shawnee Heights.

Grace Hatesohl and Irene Caracioni were semifinalists.


The following students have also placed within the last three weeks:


Victor Rubio-Flores

Graham Grecian

Annie Paul

Gabby Lupiya

Brody Cunningham

Avery Byrd


Rimmey reminds staff in regards to the building:

A. Next Tuesday, Nov. 14, the debate squad is hosting an after-school novice tournament. This will start at 4:00 and take place in about 30 classrooms. If you have any after-school activities that take place in your room during this time, tell him so he does not use your room.

B. Next Friday and Saturday they will be in nearly every classroom in the building (and will create spaces for debate). Rimmey has to use every room to host his guests, so please put away anything you don’t want messed with. As usual, he will send students to take pictures of every classroom. Rimmey will send out specific rooms Tuesday.

C. They are in need of judges!