Trojan Profile: Alyssa Morrell


Alyssa Morrell. Photo by Erin Mumford.

With the start of spring sports comes dive season. Alyssa Morrell, sophomore, just started diving the summer before her freshman year. In the spring of her freshman year, she qualified to dive in the state meet.


“[State] was just a learning experience, I didn’t expect to do that great,” Morrell said.


Morell participated in gymnastics before she started diving. Because the two sports are so similar, her background in gymnastics helped her with her diving technique. This year, she wants to do even better than she did last year.


“[I want] to just improve, maybe try and break the school’s record,” Morrell said.


Morrell said her goal this year is to go to state again and make an attempt at breaking the school’s record. While she works on diving at practice and meets, she also creates bonds with her teammates.


“The best part is that I’m friends with everyone on the team, so it’s really fun,” Morrell said.