Race and Equity March


Student begin their walk with posters and a large group of students to show their unity.

Julia Howell and Jayden Huckabay

Race and Equity crew held a march beginning on the east end of third floor and leading down to the foyer of first floor. The club wanted students to come together as one and realize that diversity is what makes us so strong.

Shortly after Trumps Inauguration, Topeka High School held a race and equity march.

Carson Denny, senior, was one of the students that spoke after the march.

“I’m from North Topeka, it’s primarily white, and nothing beats this,” Denny said. “Nothing beats this amount of people, this diverse area coming out here and just representing Topeka High. It doesn’t get better than this.”

Kalese Warfield, senior, also spoke after the march.

“We have over 1,900 people in this building, and that arguably makes us one of the most diverse high schools in our area.” Warfield said.

Topeka high has often been known for the diversity of the students and administration.

“Because of this, we succeed in different areas, we have different ideas, and we have different opinions and points of view.” Warfield said. “And because of this, no two of us have the exact same experience. And because of this, that is what makes Topeka High strong, it’s what makes us diverse, it’s what makes us learn and grow for the future.”

The march was to help students become more aware of the differences that they have and notice the positivity that comes from it.

“It is imperative that we don’t let our diversity and our differences divide us, as opposed to rejecting each other, making fun of each other, harassing each other.” Warfield said. “Because of our differences, we have to respect each other, accept and love each other, because we are all Trojans.”

Story by: Jayden Huckabay