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Cole’s Corner: A breath of fresh air

Teacher, caretaker, principal; Rebecca Morrisey is the full package

Adam Cole, Editor-in-Chief

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Tomorrow, after first period, students will be lining up outside of their classrooms to watch one of Topeka High’s beloved traditions, Running of the Halls.

Many thought this day would never come though, after a social media post circulating at the beginning of this school year stated that the tradition would be coming to an end at Topeka High.

The post never came to fruition, as it was quickly denied any truth by Topeka High’s principal, Rebecca Morrisey, but many still felt uneasy.

Morrisey, the former principal of Eisenhower Middle School, is in her first year as principal at Topeka High after the retirement of Dr. Linda Wiley.

After a few weeks, it’s safe to say Morrisey and Wiley run things differently. And with changes to the level of enforcement of policies like dress code and tardies, few students are pleased to say the least.

If there’s one thing the Trojan student body needs to do though, it’s this: take a deep breath.

I say that with no disdain or frustrations towards my peers, but with a hope that we can all be a little more cognizant of the full scope of changes going on around Topeka High, particularly that of our new principal and what she’s bringing to the table.

Check out my full interview with Ms. Morrisey in the link above.

Corrections: Ms. Morrisey coached at Rockhurst University, not Community College.

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Cole’s Corner: A breath of fresh air