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After school tutoring available to students

Ashley Yoder, Editor-In-Chief

September 10, 2015

Any students that are looking for extra help in their core classes can visit the computer lab in the media center or room 335. Tutoring is available Monday through Friday from 3:05 to 5:30. Computers, printers and iPads will be...

Seniors think back on high school career

Justase Young, Reporter

May 21, 2015

A bittersweet excitement filled the air as the graduating class of 2015 said their goodbyes on their final day of high school. As they take a new and exciting step toward their goals the seniors will always remember their high...

Sex offender found in school

Chieko Zimmerman, Reporter

May 19, 2015

As of recent, a homeless sex offender has entered the school three separate times and arrested twice.   “He is a homeless individual who keeps migrating here.  The problem is students keep letting him in,” Officer...

Senior Montage

May 14, 2015

Topeka High says goodbye to four teachers

May 14, 2015

As seniors will be graduating in May, the school will not only have to say goodbye to them, but to also four of teachers who will be retiring. These teachers have been a long standing part of the school for 10-plus years, and...

Kansas school districts budget woes

Austin Ellis, News Editor

May 14, 2015

The district is still in the decision stages for the budget regarding the remainder of the school year and next school year. There have been some decisions made for certain aspects of this year’s budget. “I have worked...

Graduation to feature two student speakers

Tessa Duncan, Reporter

May 14, 2015

While typically the school only names a valedictorian, this year the class of  2015 will also have a salutatorian, which is the second highest grade in the class. Adrienne Cox will be valedictorian and Whitney Holloman will be...

My Lament/My Apologia

Kim Moreno, Teacher

May 14, 2015

Truth cannot be a lie … we know this. It cannot be what is not, or its very nature will be lost. The nature of a beautiful rose cannot be an ugly thistle -- if we descend to calling this rose a thistle, then we have lost understanding...

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