Most popular apps during Covid


Popular apps during the Covid pandemic

When Covid-19 first hit America we were sent into a strict lockdown and were told to stay inside. This led to having to learn how to do online school and keeping ourselves entertained. Teachers also had to learn new ways of delivering their lessons. Many found new apps they started to use.

Will Dunn, a math teacher said he started using Jamboard during online teaching to work with his class. Jamboard is an app that is essentially like an online whiteboard that students and teachers can work on together. Desmos is another app Dunn has been using as an online graphing tool.

German Teacher Hirsh said one of her top apps included Peardeck ,which allows students to respond and interact with the teacher during a slideshow presentation. Another app that she started to use more is Google Classroom, it helps both students and herself to stay organized.

Hirsch said she likes Google Classroom because it keeps her from having stacks of assignments all over her desk. She also said that, “I like that I can see the timestamp from when my kids turn in their assignments and I can also also grade from anywhere.”

Jennifer Antonetti, the assistant band director, said she has used Google Classroom a lot since Covid, she said she has found it to be a very powerful tool. She uses Google Classroom to help her kids stay organized.

Antonetti started to use FlipGrid with her classes as well. FlipGrid allows students to make videos of themselves. She started to use FlipGrid to make an option for people to play their scales online compared to in front of people. She said, “I will continue to use FlipGrid even when Covid is no longer a concern.”