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Sex Ed Vs. Relationship Ed

Sean McCarty, Reporter

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1 in every 6 women in America are sexually assaulted in their life time, which should be a terrifying statistic, and we can change this in our everyday school system.

Relationship education is much better than sex education in a variety of ways. It could be taken as far as teaching someone how to deal with their problems in healthy ways, or it could also teach safe sex to lower the amount of accidental pregnancy’s that we hear about a lot.

38 states require high school students to take a health class to graduate, and in every one of those states, they all do the same basic thing, teach about human biology, not on topics we could be enforcing, like consent and teaching about how to sustain a healthy relationship.

If we brought the city of Chicago down to the size of Topeka, did you know that we would be almost identical in the amount of violent crimes that happen on a day to day basis? and that Topeka actually would have more violent sex crimes than Chicago? those are some scary statistics about our home town.

Now here’s another scary statistic, 25% of women are victim of domestic violence, which sprouts from not having a healthy relationship, something we can also teach instead of human procreation. There are many things that we could be teaching in a high school health class, like balancing a healthy relationship, or consent, or maybe we teach a little more on the dangers of violent sex crimes.

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Sex Ed Vs. Relationship Ed